As accountants, our firm began to recognize fundamental changes in the way that we and our clients were doing business from the date I first hung out my shingle in 2012.

Demographic, Economic & Technological Change

We are living through a period of unprecedented …. and accelerating change.

My grandparents were products of the industrial revolution. The changes that they witnessed were significant. Yet the social, economic and technological landscape they inherited as young adults around the time of the first world war, wasn’t that different from what their parents experienced in the latter half of the 19th century.

My wife and I are products of the information age. The social and technological changes brought on by the information age have made the memories  of our childhoods seem quaint, as though they were from a different and almost alien civilization.

The Internet Age

The tail end of the information age – i.e. THE INTERNET AGE – has ratcheted up the pace of change to unprecedented levels for our children and grandchildren.

SOURCE: International Telecommunications Union











COVID 19 and the New Normal for Business

The global pandemic has forced us to re-think working – and working from home. As accountants we’ve been been experimenting for many years with working remotely.

We’ve had to reconsider who our clients really are – and how best to serve them effectively. This has meant looking at demographic data and business statistics and how to use technology to serve them better, save them money and to become more profitable ourselves.

We’ve seen the demographic shifts in the public accounting profession and responded by forming a new partnership – The Records Management Technologists of Canada – to develop better and more focused training for small business and their professional advisors.