Online Forms

While receipt management systems like like EXPENSIFY provide capabilities for expense reporting and make them available online for distributed teams. These online form tools can provide expense reporting and much more. They can be used for timesheet systems or virtually any application that involves entering records remotely, attaching files and accessing these online.

They are a clearly better approach in our view and provide enhanced systems design capabilities to CPA firms…or their clients.



GOOGLE FORMS are free with G SUITE and are adequate for many applications.



From our perspective, CPA firms would find the additional functionality available with Smartsheet to be good value. Both will assist with the design of record-keeping systems that meet the particular needs of a specific business. Examples could include documentation for SR&ED technological uncertainties, deposit books (with cheque images attached), expense reporting for staff, timesheets customized for your needs, query sheets and so forth.

Smartsheet has far more functionality and has a much more polished feel.